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6 Signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size!

6 Signs that you are wearing the wrong bra size!

Hits:41  Date: 2016/8/21 11:23:27

It is essential to always choose the Bras that fit correctly and are comfortable. The right kind of Bra improves posture and bolsters confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes a woman is confused of her right size and can’t decide if she is picking up the right bra. These 6 signs will point you to the right direction....

1. The underwire rests on the breasts

The cups should be able to completely contain the breasts. The underwire should rest on your rib cage, parallel to the ground. If the wires rest on your breast tissue, then you are wearing a cup too small and you need to move up on the cup size.

2. Bulging from the sides

If part of your bust appears to be overflowing from the cups, then the cups are too small.

3. No two finger space between the straps and your shoulders

Its time you adjust the straps such that two fingers fit underneath them and the shoulders; decrease their tension if two fingers can’t fit underneath them.

4. The straps slide off your shoulders

Bra straps shouldn't slide off of your shoulders. This lead to uncomfortable and awkward moments. If this occurs, they’re too loose. Increase their tension if they’re adjustable.

5. The cups are gaping or wrinkling

If you’re wearing non-molded cups, and there seems to be extra fabric at their tops, the cups are too large and you should move down a cup size.

6. Strapless bra slipping down

You need to go down a band size. In fact, you may need to go down a few band sizes. With only the band to hold your chest up, a proper, firm fit is essential if you don't want to spend your whole time hiking up your bra.