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How do I keep my bra straps slipping

How do I keep my bra straps slipping

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Any and all of these things can be playing together to really cause this annoying habit. Here are the troubleshooting tips that I used to help my customers (and my family members!) solve this problem.

1.Get fitted for a bra every 6 months, or more frequently, especially if you've gained or lost weight or have been exercising and changing your body's proportions (muscle to fat, fat to muscle, etc). This will help make sure that you're purchasing the right size bra.

2.If you can, get help from the specialists. At Victoria's Secret, they're called Bra Specialists - also, any manager can help with this as well. (Ideally, all associates have some bra knowledge, but the associates mentioned above are the experts). A bra specialist in the know can help you find not just the right size, but the right style of bra for you. Not only do you need to get a bra that is the correct size, but you need it to be correctly adjusted as well (band, straps, etc). A strap that's too loose will slip off your shoulders. A strap that's too tight will hurt your back and neck and possibly cause you to get double boob. Ack

How do I keep my bra straps from slipping

3.Try other styles - hopefully you can get the bra specialists at your store of choice to help you, but if you don't want to or cannot get to a store like that, you still have options. Traditional bras have straps that go straight from the cup to the back on the same side. For some women, especially those with shoulders, the straps on these bras just don't stay up. If you find you have this problem, you can try a racerback bra instead. These can posesome wardrobe issues, but for most outfits, they'll work out just fine, and no more strap slipping. 

4.An at home solution is to simply tie your bra straps together to create a racerback. My mom does this frequently. Or, you can purchase those little plastic clips that achieve the same thing, minus the tie. These have the advantage of being easier to do by yourself and lying flat.

5.If cloth straps fail you, many bras have options of switching to clear, rubbery plastic straps. Most people dislike these because they can stick to you. If you're a slipping-strap sort of person, you may like these, because...they stick to you more. Look for a bra that has these included as an option (at VS, ask for a multi-way with clear straps). These may help.

Good luck! It's definitely really annoying to have to deal with the strap slipping on top of everything else!