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What is the best method to get a garment manufactured in China

What is the best method to get a garment manufactured in China

Hits:33  Date: 2016/8/21 17:53:05

The short answer to your question is to pick the right manufacturer.  There are literally tens of thousands of garment manufacturers in China whose quality varies dramatically.  It might make sense to first consider whether opting to manufacture your product in China even makes sense at this point.  Typically, there is some threshold where producing your garment in China will make economic sense.  You just need to decide whether you've reached that point yet or not.  

A different way to think about this is to ask yourself whether you've already got demand / customers lined up to buy your product (e.g. do you have a deal with a retailer, do you have a backlog of demand from buyers online, etc) or if you are still at the proof of concept stage and looking to get a few pieces produced to show prospective buyers.  Many manufacturers in China will require a minimum order quantity (e.g. 1000 pieces, 10,000 pieces, 1,000,000 pieces) before they will even agree to produce your product.  Many times, the vendors that will accept an order for 10-20 pieces tend to be brokers / trading companies that don't actually produce the products themselves, rather they farm it out to smaller shops to produce the product.  This adds one more layer of margin and one more layer of complexity / communication challenges to an already difficult supply chain.  Also, if you are ordering smaller quantities, you won't realize near the level of cost savings / economic benefit that you would by placing larger orders.  

One last piece of advice is to ask for U.S. based references that you can call and speak with.  It makes a lot of sense to start your relationship with Chinese manufacturers small, until you've successfully completed and been satisfied with the quality of a few orders before placing a larger order.  Make sure not to pay the full 100% of the order up front.  I'd advise you to pay no more than 30% up front.  When having your products produced overseas, money is your biggest point of leverage.  If the manufacturer still feels like there is enough money to be made by making sure the quality is as you want it, they'll be more likely to cooperate and be helpful.  If you pay 75% up front, they'll be less cooperative.  Proceed with caution and do your homework and you'll be fine.